Tradeshows & Events

  • IFT Annual Meeting

    Chicago, USA - July 12-14, 2015
  • Food Ingredientes South America (FISA)

    Sao Paulo, Brazil - August 25-27, 2015


  • Nexira Food

Discover our full range of branded ingredients for the food and health industries :

  • Cacti-Nea, cactus fruit for improved figure
  • NeOpuntia, healthy lipophilic fiber from optuntia ficus indica
  • Oli-Ola, Olive extract with approved health claim
  • Fibregum, healthy prebiotic fiber from acacia gum
  • ID-alG, seaweed extract for calorie reduction
  • Serenzo, natural anti-stress ingredient
  • Osteol, joint health ingredient
  • Equacia, innovative nutritional texturizer
  • Resveravine, natural resveratrol from vine
  • ViNitrox, Nitric oxide booster for sports nutrition
  • VinOseed, OPC-rich grapeseed extract
  • The ultimate emulsifier
  • Cranberry health benefits