Cactus expert

For more than 20 years now, Nexira has conducted extensive research works on a specific species of cactus which revealed numerous nutritional properties: Opuntia ficus-indica.

From this natural ressource, our R&D department developed Neopuntia™, a unique patent standardized product and Cactinea™, both resulting from a proper selection and gentle processing.

Today both ingredients are renowned for their weight management and health properties.


The origin and history

Opuntia ficus-indica is originally from Mexico and was introduced into the Mediterranean region at the beginning of the 16th century.

This cactus is perfectly adapted to arid and semi-arid climates thanks to its specific physiological structure which optimizes its ability to conserve water.  

The leaves of the cactus, as well as the fruits, are traditionally consumed and work equally well in numerous culinary preparations. They are both known for their nutritional properties.

Opuntia Ficus Indica  

Nexira focused its interest on cactus leaves and fruits and set up a patented process designed to optimize the health properties of this original, natural resource for weight management and health applications.


Exclusive production

Nexira has initiated an innovative business development in relation with the cactus in the Maghreb area.

Nexira established sustainable relationships with local growers from North Africa, guaranteeing a reliable and long-lasting sourcing, with premium quality resulting from natural trust and mutual interest.

This long-term partnerships, respecting both organic rules and sustainable harvesting of Opuntia ficus Indica,  ensures that the company benefits from a regular, high quality raw material source for Neopuntia™ and Cactinea™.

Thanks to Nexira’s transfer of industrial know-how and technology as well as continuous guaranteed support, a new state of the art factory adapted to tailor-made production process has been set up. 


Cactus Infographic


Through its cactus sourcing, Nexira is involved in sustainable development via economic, social and environmental actions.


Economic development

Nexira economic development

This activity enables farmers to add value to their crop. Cactus is no longer only used as fodder during the dry season, but it also represents a value-added, industrial raw material.

Cactus can be harvested and transformed all year long, which allows a secure and stable source of income for farmers. It thus reduces production risks linked to climate sensitive agricultural products.



Social development

More than 60 families live directly or indirectly off the revenues generated by the production of Neopuntia™ and Cactinea™.

This activity, localized in the rural areas, provides valuable and secure jobs, minimizing thus the rural depopulation.

Social development


Environmental protection

Environmental protection  

The cactus has incredible properties allowing it to resist to very dry conditions: production of this cactus is indeed possible in zones where rainfall is lower than 200 mm/year.

The cactus also has other advantages: in addition to animal fodder, it can be used for ground conservation, to prevent desertification and preserve lands prone to water and wind erosion. Indirectly, cactus growth in arid and semi-arid zones contributes to the protection and enrichment of a complete ecosystem, and consequently ensures biodiversity.

Cactus cultivation for the production of Neopuntia™ and Cactinea™ follows the principles of organic farming, with no use of pesticide or chemical fertilizer: this natural method of growing Opuntia ficus-indica is thus particularly economical and environmentally friendly.



Benefits and applications of cactus

The new and major trend of this growing market is that weight management is now even more aligned with global “health” management.

People now take into consideration the fact that being overweight is not only a problem of physical appearance/external beauty, but is also generally linked to serious health problems (among others: cardiovascular, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc,).

Ingredients should therefore not only target weight loss, but also offer holistic health features.

Nexira has developed two ingredients that answer each specific demand: lose weight and sculpt the body.

A new graphic identity was launched at Vitafood 2019 to celebrate our 20 years of experience and unrivalled expertise on cactus sourcing & processing.

It was the occasion to share our passion for cactus, this amazing plant used in weight management products for 20 years!