Cactus expert

For more than 20 years now, Nexira has conducted extensive research works on a specific species of cactus which revealed numerous nutritional properties: Opuntia ficus-indica. NeOpuntia™ and Cacti-Nea™ have been developed by Nexira from this raw material. Today both ingredients are renowned for their weight management and health properties.

Nexira unveiled in exclusivity the new graphic identity of its two cactus brands at Vitafoods 2019. It was the occasion to share our passion for cactus, this amazing plant used in weight management products for 20 years!

Exclusive production 

Nexira has initiated an innovative business development in relation with the cactus in the Maghreb area.

The long-term partnerships established by Nexira ensure that the company benefits from a regular, high quality raw material source for NeOpuntia™ and Cacti-Nea™.

Thanks to Nexira’s transfer of industrial know-how and technology as well as continuous guaranteed support, a new state of the art factory adapted to tailor-made production process has been set up. 

Moreover, the production and transformation of cactus is closely linked to Nexira's commitment to sustainable development: it  creates numerous jobs, and helps to perpetuate crops and protect a fragile environment.