Embrace our SUPERFOOD Collection:

• STAY close to nature

• DISCOVER authentic origins

• BALANCE your healthy diet


Discover our range of superfoods, all historically used in their original countries. Nexira has a strong commitment with sustainable sourcing involving: 

  • Environmental protection
  • Social help for local population
  • Economical development of the countries

Our ingredients are derived from plants & trees used in local traditional medicine. To go further with our idea of quality, all our superfood ingredients are clean label and some are available in organic form.

Super fruit, Super grain, Super leaf, Super flower and more!



Fibregum™ - All-natural acacia fiber sourced from carefully selected acacia trees. Fibregum™ offers the value of a clean label in addition to the consumer appeal of 100% vegetable origin and fiber enrichment. Traditionally used as a source of dietary fiber, acacia fiber has been known since ancient Egypt for its unique properties.



 Baobab Nexira 

BAOBAB - The superpowers of Africa’s tree of life

Symbol of Africa, baobab is a majestic and impressive tree. Baobab fruit has been traditionally consumed for centuries in Africa for its wide range of nutritional and medicinal properties. More recently, baobab has been considered as the new beneficial “Superfruit”. Fully involved at every step of the entire baobab supply chain, Nexira controls and guarantees the highest quality for customers (e.g. organic certification, low microbiological load...).



CACTINEA™ - The leading organic prickly pear

Our prickly pear is sourced in Tunisia, where it is locally grown with partners, and regularly controlled. Our ingredient is carefully selected and hand-picked to guarantee its high quality and to preserve natural resources. Loved for its taste, the prickly pear is also considered as a superfruit, being the richest natural source of indicaxanthin, the most bioavailable betalain pigment with proven antioxidant and metabolic health benefits.



Acerola Nexira

Beetrot Nexira


Cranberry Nexira


Guarana Nexira

Spirulina Nexira
Acerola Beetroot juice Cranberry - Exocyan™ Guarana Spirulina


Blackcurrant, Rose hip, Goji, Lemon, Ginseng...



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