cranberry health benefits

Cranberry health benefits

cranberryExocyan™, is a unique brand of cranberry (Vaccinium Macrocarpon) extract, a small berry grown in America.

The Exocyan™ product line is standardized on proanthocyanidines (PACs) content, a type of flavonoid, with antioxidant and other health activities.

  • Rich source of PACs (up to 90% Bate-Smith and 20% BL-DMAC)

  • Contains A-type PACs

  • Urinary tract health

  • Gastro-intestinal health

  • Low sucrose and acidity

  • Oral care

  •   Organic grade available!

A powerful antioxidant 

This berry is naturally packed with polyphenols and especially ProAnthoCyanidins (PACs).

Most other plants and berries, like grapes and green tea, contain B-Type PACs. However, cranberry contains only A-Type PACs, which have healthy ageing properties.


Positive impact on bacterial infections 

The A-Type PACs in cranberry are unique because they are the only PACs that have antibacterial activity. The anti-adhesion property of A-Type PACs is the basis of cranberry’s extraordinary ability to improve urinary tract health.