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February 07, 2018

Expertise in emulsifiers for consumer satisfaction

For the food industry, the beginning of the new year means it’s time for an important question: what do consumers want, value and expect from the market in 2018?

As it turns out, they expect a lot.

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The slew of 2018 food trend predictions being published these days give dozens of answers, but all of them seem to point in one of these three directions.

They want to go beyond taste. Sensorial experience is becoming more important for consumers. Although taste is still king, they also value texture, color and visual appeal in general.

They want choice. Consumers want to create their own personalized nutrition according to their dietary needs and lifestyle. Food brands are responding to this demand by constantly launching new products, whether it’s the rediscovery of forgotten traditional foods, or never-seen-before products.

They want food that promotes health. Consumers are more aware than ever that better food means better health, so they look for natural, clean, and organic products. Also, they want to know where their food comes from, and that it was sourced sustainably.

Emulsifiers have always played a key role in providing the sensorial experience consumers want. However, the market is becoming more complex, and that in turn has raised the bar for food brands, which now need emulsifiers with different grades and applications, that are naturally sourced and can be certified organic.


With our range of high-quality acacia gum emulsifiers, we at Nexira are well-placed to meet this demand. There are three elements that make up the high standards of our products: sourcing, technology and expertise.

The production of our acacia gum starts in the Gum Belt, the sub-Saharan region extending from the east to the west coast across different countries. We have a long-standing presence in the region and solid partnerships with local suppliers. This allows us to source and secure the best-quality raw ingredients for our emulsifiers.

Once we receive the raw material, we analyze all the batches. The purpose is not only quality control, in fact it goes beyond that. Because our acacia gum is naturally sourced, no two batches are the same. Once we know their exact properties and qualities, we can adapt and adjust every step of the manufacturing process to obtain emulsifiers with the desired standards.

Our state-of-the-art equipment however, can only help us to some extent. Adapting the manufacturing process each time requires knowledge and experience.


High-quality products are not obtained overnight or at the push of a button. In 2015, Nexira celebrated its 120th birthday. Over this long period of time, we gained a considerable amount of experience in understanding market needs and implementing best practices. It’s a journey that took us to be the world leader in acacia gum, with 40% of market share.

For more information about our emulsifiers range, you can visit our product pages or contact our technical assistance directly. One of our experts will get back to you to help you with a tailor-made formulation.




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