ID-alG, brown seaweed extract for weight management

Weight-loss alternative for women


Composed of a premium brown seaweed extract (Ascophyllumnodusum), ID-alG™ is an all-natural ingredient intended to keep one fit and well.

Weight management properties of ID-alG™ are due to its specific marine polyphenols content that blocks the activity of the two main digestive enzymes, lipase and amylase.




  • Low use level: 200 mg ID-alG™ twice daily (before main meals)
  • Guaranteed inhibition activity at 50% for both digestive enzymes
  • Natural brown seaweed extract
  • Clinical studies and published in vivo study*
  • Effective weight management support, no signs of discomfort
  • Guaranteed iodine content below RDI**

ID-alG™  is manufactured in France, with a gentle process of water extraction.

Efficient carb and fat blocker activityThrough its powerful lipase and amylase inhibition activity, ID-alG™ reduces carb and fat assimilation, inducing a reduction of the caloric intake for a global weight control effect. The latest clinical study*** conducted with ID-alG™ confirms its exceptional weight management properties:

  • Induces significant weight-loss
  • Targets fat mass and especially abdominal fat, the most difficult to decrease
  • Decreases carb assimilation inducing decline of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c)
  • Improves body shape
  • No signs of discomfort

The latest clinical study reveals that ID-alG™ is particularly suitable for women 45 and over and has amazing results on abdominal and visceral fat reduction (illustrated in pink) as shown on the MRI below:


* Rat study (2008): Effect of ID-alG™ on weight management of rats with induced obesity. Results published in Phytotherapy Research 2009.
Human clinical study (2010): Evaluation of ID-alG™’s weight-management effect on overweight women.
** Iodine Recommended Daily Intake = 150 μg/day according to Regulations (EC) n°1169/2011 & (US) 21 CFR101.9
*** Clinical study (2016) double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, bicentric) conducted during 16 weeks to explore the benefit and tolerability of ID-alG™ (400mg/day) for weight reduction.