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Nexira is the world leader in acacia gum and has extensive expertise in natural hydrocolloids and botanical extracts. 

Acacia gum, also known as gum arabic, is a unique raw material which offers a large range of functional & nutritional properties.

Thanks to more than 125 years of specialty ingredient expertise, Nexira knows perfectly how to satisfy the demands and needs of the global food industry, by continually delivering all-natural functional ingredients with clean labeling and healthy benefits.

Nexira offers a full range of organic products certified by ECOCERT, which also complies with NOP standards.

Answer to the consumer demand for label friendly products

what does Clean Label Mean?

Consumers are more than ever concerned to purchase minimally processed products with short and understandable ingredient list.

They avoid unwanted ingredients (i.e. high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweetener / colors / flavors…).

They are also influenced by descriptions and nutritional claims (i.e. organic, low sugar, natural, health benefits).

Our infographic gives you more details on consumer expectations.

Food & beverage manufacturers are taking up the challenge to deliver label-friendly products.

But how do you achieve “clean label” and maintain products’ original high quality, safety and taste?

Nexira supports manufacturers in their new product development or reformulation by proposing alternative solutions with all-natural, organic and innovative ingredients.

 Nexira Food

Transparency & Sustainability

“Nexira is proud to supply a large range of organic ingredients to satisfy all the consumers and industrials’ needs in food, beverages and supplements”, says Mathieu Dondain, Managing Director.

Nexira is particularly attentive to the following ingredients’ specificities:


• Clear origin & reliable traceability

• Gentle process preserving raw material intrinsic properties

• Responsible & sustainable sourcing practices, respecting the population & the environment

• Efficacy (distinct ranges of branded ingredients supported by scientific studies)

• Safety, Quality and Certifications (Organic, Non-GMO, Halal, Kosher…)


All-natural ingredients with specific properties

Our large range of ingredients can be used in the development of label-friendly products:

Functionalities / Applications: discover the exceptional functional properties of our natural ingredients (beverage, bakery...)

Nutritional benefits: natural products with enhanced nutritional benefits for human nutrition, pet food or feed

List of branded ingredients: our range of branded ingredients (FibregumTM, InstantgumTM...)


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Clean-up your labels

with our natural functional and nutritional ingredients