NeOpuntia, from cactus opuntia ficus indicaHealthy lipophilic fiber

NeOpuntia™  is a 100% natural ingredient made from dehydrated cactus leaves (Opuntia ficus indica). Over and above its lipophilic properties (ability to interact with fats), NeOpuntia™  also shows a positive effect on blood lipid parameters and Syndrome X diagnosis.

  • Healthy lipophilic fiber, certified Organic
  • Extensive research work (in vivo, in vitro, clinical studies) 
  • Recommended dosage: 5g / day
  • Easy to use in dietary supplements and functional foods

 Organic grade available!


Positive action on blood lipid levels

A published clinical study* showed that NeOpuntia™  could increase HDL cholesterol levels, with a significant trend (+0.0217 g/l) - whilst it is widely known that increasing HDL levels may help to reduce cardiovascular risks.

What's more, almost 40% of women in the NeOpuntia™  group were no longer diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome, against only 8% for the Placebo group.

* E. Linares. The effect of NeOpuntia™ on blood Lipid parameters - risk factors for the Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X). Advances in Therapy®, vol. 24 N°5 ; September-October 2007.