NeOpuntia, from cactus opuntia ficus indicaHealthy lipophilic fiber

• ABSORBS fat and sugar

• HELPS to fat excretion

• SUPPORTS healthy weight management


Nexira and Tunisian farmers maintain a long-term partnership which respects both organic rules and sustainable harvesting of Opuntia ficus indica. Through its cactus sourcing, Nexira is involved in sustainable development via environmental, human and economic actions. With over 20 years of experience and unrivalled expertise on cactus sourcing & processing, Nexira offers a standardized pure cactus leaf powder.

Neopuntia™ a unique fat binder

Neopuntia™ is a patented combination of insoluble and soluble dietary fibers.

In vitro1 study, simulating gastrointestinal tract conditions, has demonstrated a reduction of fat absorption: 28% of ingested fat binds to Neopuntia™ while branded chitosan showed no effect.

A pilot clinical study2 has also demonstrated results on human: Neopuntia™ increases fat excretion by 27%.

Cactus Infographic

Neopuntia™ absorbs fat and sugar3


Neopuntia™ supports healthy weight management

A published clinical study4 shows Neopuntia™ , consumed with a healthy diet, has positive effects on balancing blood lipid levels. Neopuntia™ helps to increase HDL cholesterol level.

39% of women studied no longer showed Syndrome X criteria after using Neopuntia™ 

Benefits of Opuntia ficus indica cladodes on metabolic syndrome related to overweight continue to be extensively studied, highlighting various significant results on cholesterol and glycaemia5.

Three interventional studies in human demonstrated positive and significant glycaemia modulation6,7,8.


 Organic grade available!