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October 10, 2012

Nexira acquires Tournay Biotechnologies







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                                                   NEXIRA ACQUIRES TOURNAY BIOTECHNOLOGIES !

Rouen, France - October 10, 2012:  Nexira Group acquires Tournay Biotechnologies, a European expert in the extraction of active botanicals for the neutraceutical and dietary supplements industries.


Tournay Biotechnologies, a family owned company founded in 1992, produces very high quality extracts including: cranberry, green coffee and green tea. The company, recognized for its unique know-how in the extraction of botanical ingredients and technological innovation, has an ISO 22000 certified and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located near Bordeaux, France.


Tournay Biotechnologies has an extensive product portfolio including their flagship brand Exocyan™, a unique product line of cranberry extracts standardized on proanthocyanidines (PACs) content. PACs are condensed tannins, a type of flavonoid, with antioxidant and other health activities.


With this new acquisition Nexira, one of the world’s leaders in natural ingredients, is expanding its range of ingredients and reinforcing its positioning towards the health and wellness market, which will soon represent 35% of its commercial activity. Nexira confirms its growth target of 125 million euros in consolidated sales by 2015.


“We are pleased to welcome the Tournay Biotechnologies personnel, with whom we share family values. We are confident that this acquisition is aligned with the expansion plan that we announced one year ago” said Stéphane Dondain, President of Nexira.


“The acquisition of Tournay Biotechnologies by Nexira will give to the company an international dimension, essential to accelerate its expansion” added Cédric Tournay, President of Tournay Biotechnologies

The transaction terms that will be finalized at the end of October are not disclosed. 


Press Contacts :

H&B Communication                                                                      Nexira
Florence Portejoie                                                                                            Mathieu Dondain
LD + 33 1 58 18 32 58                                                                                     LD + 33 2 32 83 18 18

Mob + 33 6 88 84 81 74                                                                                  Mob  + 33 6 73 85 16 17                                                            



Nexira, a family owned company founded in 1895, operates on 5 continents with 11 subsidiaries, including the newest in India which was launched in June 2012. The plant of Tournay Biotechnologies will be Nexira’s ninth manufacturing unit and will significantly expand Nexira’s production capacities for botanical extracts. The Nexira Group recently closed its fiscal year with growth of 17% in consolidated sales to 93 million euros.


About Tournay Biotechnologies

Tournay Biotechnologies is a specialist in the production of high quality plant extracts and natural molecules for dietary supplement, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications.



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