Organic & Sustainable

Food & Beverages and Supplements markets are going through some changes with the increasing demand for transparency and clean labeling.

Clean labeling

Organic and natural products are not anymore a trend but are fully integrated to the mainstream market.

Consumers are more and more environmental and health conscious.

Organic products are one of the industrials’ response to this request.

“Nexira is proud to supply a large range of organic ingredients to satisfy all the consumers and industrials’ needs in food & beverages and supplements”, says Mathieu Dondain, Managing Director.

Nexira works closely with its suppliers and is compliant to EU and NOP certified for arabic gum ; for Korean, Japanese and Brazilian areas, Nexira respects the rules of equivalency.

Nexira is involved in Sustainable development and has promoted agro-economic development of acacia gum, cactus and other raw material. Our passion for Africa’s valuable natural resources and respect for our partners in Africa has guided Nexira towards a sustainable development approach for the whole supply chain.