Resveravine™, natural resveratrol from vitis vinifera


Resveravine, natural resveratrol

100% natural resveratrol from the vine

Numerous scientific studies have highlighted resveratrol's exceptional nutritional properties and define it as being one of the most potent plant molecules. Nexira has developed Resveravine™: a 100% natural ingredient from vines, standardized in resveratrol and particularly suitable for anti-aging and antioxidant formulations.

  • Natural resveratrol extracted from selected French vines
  • Resveratrol in its monomer and oligomer forms
  • Standardized at 20% oligostilbens
  • Suitable for dietary supplements
  • Recommended dosage : 10 mg / day


Global antioxidant protection

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant with numerous health benefits widely described in literature. Extensive research works conducted by Nexira illustrate the specific properties of Resveravine™ compared to other sources of resveratrol or other antioxidants:

  • Higher protection against LDL oxidation
  • Superior effects against oxidative stress

Healthy ageing properties

An in vitro study showed that Resveravine™, thanks to its t-resveratrol content, was more efficient on SIRT-1* activation and could thus serve in healthy ageing applications.


* SIRT-1 (Sirtuin) in Human is known to have a positive effect on life span extension.