Spraydrying, co-spraydrying

Spraydrying, co-spray dryingThrough spraydrying, a powder can be produced from a liquid. Equipped with MSD technology (Multi Stage Dryer), Nexira Technology adds value to your products by elaborating homogeneous powders, with standardized granulometry. The use of gentle thermal evaporating profiles ensures the preservation of your products' active compounds.

Regular atomization (spraydrying): to obtain a fine, homogeneous powder thanks to a quick, continuous industrial drying process.

  • Renowned technology from a qualitative and economical point of view.
  • Production of a ready-to-use powder.
  • Possibility to package the powder produced at the end of the production line.

Atomization / Agglomeration: to obtain “instant” & “dust- free” powder

  • Improved water dispersion and better cold dissolution for soluble products.
  • Better flowing for easier measuring
  • Improved work environment.

Co-spraydrying: to incorporate ingredients in dry or solid form during drying, by atomizing active compounds in solution or as an emulsion.

  • Possibility to associate non-miscible products in one continuous operation
  • Possibility to blend and dry soluble and insoluble compounds simultaneously
  • Possibility to fix and protect sensitive active compounds on neutral carriers.