Sustainable development

Since its creation, Nexira has been involved in sustainable development and has taken special care to preserve the raw materials it sources everyday from nature. At Nexira, concrete examples illustrate its daily commitment, especially when it comes to acacia gum and cactus sourcing:

Sustainable develpment

Economic Development

  • Source of regular income for local populations
  • Enables farmers to add value to their crop, in a weak ecosystem
  • Diversification of industrial partners' activities
  • Creation of valuable, stable and secure jobs

Social Development

  • Long-term relationships with suppliers
  • Maintaining of a local workforce in rural areas
  • Nomadic population settlement to work in jobs related to acacia gum harvesting
  • Technical training for local employees
  • Nexira business ethics policy (see our quality certifications here)

Environmental Protection

  • Soil preservation & ecosystem enrichment thanks to the growth of acacia or cactus in arid and semi-arid zones
  • Environmentally-friendly, organic farming
  • Limitation of deforestation