The next era of ingredients for the food and nutraceuticals industries

Nexira is a premier supplier of innovative ingredients and actives sustainably sourced from nature for the food and health industries.

Nexira is an agro-industrial group composed of three business units: Food, Health and Starlight.

The three divisions offer a global expertise ranging from raw material sourcing and proprietary processing technologies to formulation support.

Historically, the company has made its reputation as the global leader in acacia gum.

world leader in acacia gum and natural ingredients

Today, Nexira's proprietary portfolio includes emulsifiers, texturizers, antioxidants and actives for weight-management, anti-stress, along with other specialty hydrocolloids and a large number of highly functional botanical extracts.


Organic certification adds even greater value

With the increasing demand for natural and high quality products, traceability, and environmental responsibility, the market for organic products is growing significantly.*



With its history of seeking natural sources, and its heritage of uncompromising quality, Nexira is well-positioned to serve this new generation of consumers.

We offer a full range of organic products certified by ECOCERT, which also complies with NOP standards.




Nexira has business operations on 5 continents, leveraging a wide network of collaborative partners.

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