ViNitrox, healthy sports nutrition

Natural, healthy & effective sports nutrition


ViNitrox™ has been developed by Nexira to specifically answer the demands of athletes in search of natural dietary supplements.

  • Ignite muscle performance

  • Break through the fatigue barrier 

  • Amp up Nitric Oxide level 

ViNitrox™ is a unique and proprietary synergistic combination of apple and grape polyphenols. It offers a number of exceptional sports nutrition properties including enhanced and lasting performance. Nexira’s latest clinical study* on 50 athletes, 25-45 years old, demonstrated that under intensive effort, 500 mg/day of ViNitrox™ improves physical capabilities :

  • Increases physical training time by 10%

  • Delays the fatigue barrier by 13%



Vinitrox™, Clinical study published!

 Clinical study published 

* Double blind, crossover, placebo controlled study