World leader in acacia gum

Thanks to its continuous presence in Africa for over 120 years and strong partnerships in gum producing countries, Nexira has become an expert in acacia gum at all levels: raw material sourcing, supply assurance, quality and traceability.

world leader in acacia gum

The R&D team at Nexira continues to improve the functional performance of acacia gum in order to innovate and develop new products for high value-added applications.

We guarantee a high quality product, coming from environmentally-friendly cultivation (no use of pesticides or fertilizers) and for which the traceability of each batch can be proved from the tree to the customer. Acacia gum is a food ingredient recognized as safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is labeled as acacia gum, arabic gum or acacia fiber.

What is acacia gum ?

Acacia gum (also known as gum arabic) comes from the sap of acacia trees. Gum acacia is a natural water soluble hydrocolloid, a polysaccharide, belonging to the complex arabinogalactan family.

For decades, gum acacia has been widely used by the food and the beverage industry for its functional properties. Currently its nutritional and health benefits are also much sought after.

Functional properties

  • Emulsifier for oil in water emulsions
  • Carrier for encapsulation
  • Stabilizer for colloidal systems
  • Texturizer in sugar and polyol mediums
  • Binder for sugar and polyol compressed products

Nutritional properties

  • Enrichment in soluble dietary fibers
  • Improvement of digestive comfort
  • Source of prebiotic fiber