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All-natural soluble fiber from acacia

The Fibregum product line provides all-natural dietary fiber sourced from carefully selected acacia tree.

With 90% fiber content guaranteed on dry weight, Fibregum is the choice ingredient for fiber fortification of finished products.

Available in Non-GMO Project Verified and organic grades, Fibregum™ is perfect fiber for clean label reformulation and for vegan or organic products.

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Technical characteristics 

  • Guaranteed minimum 90% fiber content on dry extract (AOAC 985.29)
  • 100% soluble dietary fiber
  • Tasteless, colorless and odorless in solution
  • Acid and heat stability
  • Glycaemic control1
  • Low caloric value: 1.7 kcal/g (US), 2 kcal/g (EU), 1 kcal/g (Japan)
  • Tooth remineralization2 (Tooth-friendly tested)

Thanks to its high solubility, no added viscosity and its organoleptic characteristics, Fibregum™ is easy to incorporate in numerous applications: beverages, confectionery, dietary products, bakery, snacks, flavors, dairy products…


Clean label fiber

Sourced from carefully selected acacia tree, Fibregum™ is an all-natural dietary fiber, 100 % vegetable origin. Our product is available in Non-GMO Project Verified and organic grades. These specifications make it the perfect fiber for clean label reformulation and for vegan or organic products.  Organic grade available! 


Digestive health benefitsInfographic on Fibregum


  • The only fiber with a Patent Pending on gut impermeability restoration3
  • Strong proven prebiotic properties from 5 -10 g/day
  • Stimulation of beneficial Short Chain Fatty Acids production
  • Regulation of inflammatory markers
  • Suitable for low FODMAP diet (FODMAP Friendly certified)
  • High digestive tolerance: up to 50 g/day without generating any discomfort3
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    • “Fibregum™, a healthy, natural and gentle fiber with comfortable digestibility”
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Renal health benefits 

  • Fibregum™ increases the health benefits to the consumer and lowers the potential risk factors associated with renal disease



 Fibregum clean label


Fibregum™ : first fiber FODMAP friendly certified

Health claim on glycaemia regulation for Fibregum

 First acacia fiber approved by Non-GMO Project 


1 EFSA Journal 2010; 8(2):1475 ; 2 EFSA Journal 2013;11(7):3329; 3 Patent Pending WO/2015/162447; 4 Cherbut et al., 2003


This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


The Fibregum product line provides all-natural dietary fiber based on 100% acacia gum. With 90 % fiber content guaranteed on dry weight, Fibregum is the choice ingredient for fiber fortification of finished products.