FlexiGO™, the Natural & Performant Solution for Joint Health

Harpagophytum procumbens Harpagophytum zeyheri, also called Devil’s claw, is traditionally used for the good function of joints.

This ingredient, coming from a root growing only in the South of Africa, is the natural solution to improve joint health.

Nexira has established a long-term supply chain partnership. Engaged in a sustainable sourcing approach, these two stakeholders act locally with farmers’ training, children education and fair remuneration.

Nexira joint health

Once received by Nexira, the root is gently processed in France with a water extraction and a physical concentration.

Nexira’s Devil’s Claw range, FlexiGo™ offers standardized concentration, up to 20 % of Harpagoside monopic with HPLC method. Nexira’s ingredients are carrier-free (100% Devil’s Claw).

To satisfy the consumer demand, FlexiGo is available in organic grade. Thanks to its vegetable origin, this range is suitable for vegetarian and is animal-free (no shellfish).

                      Devil’s Claw