Grape extract specialist!

Nexira’s Grape Extracts are mainly sourced from famous French vineyards and are carefully harvested and selected to offer the highest content in phenolic compounds.

Active ingredients are extracted from seed, leaf, skin and shoot as each part of the vineyard is unique.

Our Grape extracts are the result of the association of an exceptional “terroir” with thousands of years of agricultural expertise & a specific extraction process. This allows Nexira to provide top quality extracts with high guaranteed content in Total Polyphenols, OPCs, Proanthocyanidins, Anthocyanins and t-Resveratrol.





VinOseed™ SO free is a grape extract made of Californian grapes, this brand new ingredient offers unique properties and premium quality:

  • Sulfite-free*
  • Water extracted
  • Solvent free
  • 95% Total Polyphenols
  • 50% OPC
  • ORAC** > 19 000

The crystal form of VinOseed™ SO free allows an instant and quick dissolution for a wide range of applications.



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