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Acerola Extract in Raw & Cured Meat

Organic Acerola Extract To Preserve Naturally Meat

Premiumization Of The Meat Market

Despite the economic slowdown consumers are shelling out more for premium foods, including organic meat, as the pandemic moves them to focus both on health and environment. According to Nielsen data, U.S. Sales of organic food and drinks surged 25% for the 17-week period ended June 27.1

Growing consumer interest in health, animal welfare, environment and sustainability is driving this organic meat market. Today, the consumers are more conscientious than ever about their choices and their impacts on the planet. There’s no way to eat anything! They are looking for transparency and quality when it comes to what they’re feeding their family and themselves. They want to know about the origin of the meat they purchase and they are more and more respectful about animal welfare. Consumers are beginning to make the correlation that it’s not only better for animals but also better for themselves (cattle fed a mostly-grass diet have shown higher levels of omega-3s2 and a higher content in antioxidants3).

Color Stability And Shelf-Life Extension

When it comes to meat, color stability is a major challenge. For consumers, the red color is the promise of freshness and quality. Any discoloration will result in discounted prices or removal, leading to a loss of revenue and food waste.

Why is meat turning brown? This is due to myoglobin – the protein responsible for meat color – interaction with oxygen, which turns brown. Frozen meat is more prone to oxidizing. Salts and marinades can also be responsible for meat cuts oxidation and create the brown color.

Therefore, maintaining color stability, is a solution to extend the shelf-life, improve profitability and reduce waste.

Going Natural & Organic With Acerola Extract Solution

Nexira’s Acerola Extract is a highly effective and all-natural solution to preserve the desirable color and sensory qualities of meat products, thereby it delays meat discoloration by stabilizing myoglobin and its color thanks to its antioxidant capacities.

Organic Acerola Extract is used around the globe to replace synthetic ascorbic acid and erythorbate sodium, and helps customers offer shelf-stable organic meat products.

Both our natural and organic Acerola Extracts will formulate marvelously in your brines and meat preparations for raw and cured meat: ham, sausages, minced meat…

Directly sourced from Brazil and carefully selected through a long-term supply chain partnership, Nexira offers a range of all-natural Acerola Extracts (Malpighia glabra L.) standardized in native vitamin C from 17% to 36%. Nexira’s Acerola Extracts are manufactured in France in their own factory using a gentle process (water extraction and spray-drying in fine powder) to preserve the high vitamin C content. With its high content in vitamin C, acerola is a super antioxidant with many technological properties.


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