Pelargonium by Nexira

Soothes the Respiratory Tract

  • SUPPORTS the Respiratory System
  • HELPS Improve Respiratory Comfort
  • HELPS Reduce the Extent of Manifestations

Pelargonium sidoides DC, often known as South African geranium, has been used for decades in Europe as a solution to support immunity status in respiratory tract. [2]


Pelargonium sidoides DC is a flowering plant, native to South Africa, where it is commonly called Umckaloabo, derived from the Zulu language.

This clinically well-documented natural herbal has been used for centuries; the Pelargonium roots are used in infusion to help provide relief for a variety of conditions in South Africa. [1]

Nexira is committed to responsibly source and harvest only the Pelargonium root. With decades of unparalleled expertise in botanical processing and extraction, our ingredients are produced in our own factory in France.

Pelargonium helps improve respiratory comfort by supporting healthy sinus, nasal and bronchial functions, and it can help reduce the extent of manifestations.

A clinical study has also demonstrated that Pelargonium extract provides support for the respiratory system, and can help stimulate the immune system to boost the body’s natural defenses. [2]

Gently water-extracted, Pelargonium is a perfect vegetal ingredient for immunity.


Supported by EFSA pending claims [3]:

  • Soothes and Supports the Throat: may be used in case of tickle in the throat
  • Provides Respiratory Comfort: helps to soften respiration in a natural way


Not available in the USA

pelargonium Pelargonium Extract


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[1] Kolodziej H. 2007. [2] Luna L. A., Bachi A. L. L., Novaes e Brito R. R., et al. 2011.[3] EFSA pending claim ID 3872 and 4090.

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