📢 Webinar: Integrating Sustainable Prebiotics

Boost Your Functional Foods & Supplements for Microbiome Health

Join us for an exclusive webinar, where we delve into the future of functional foods and supplements formulations. From consumer’s insights to sustainable actions and customer-oriented prebiotics, Nexira’s expertise will guide you to develop your next-gen products. Discover the robust science behind our acacia-based range of prebiotics and its versatility: fibers, polyphenols, gut comfort, immunity, glycemia modulation… What are you looking for?

Integrating Sustainable Prebiotics: Boost Your Functional Foods & Supplements for Microbiome Health

📅 June, 25th – 4pm CET / 10am EDT – Duration: 40min with live Q&A

Webinar Agenda

✅ Our special guest from the Global Prebiotic Association will share the current market trends and insights in active nutrition and explain what today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for in functional foods and supplements.
✅ Understand the importance of sustainability in product development and how it can drive consumer preference.
✅ Discover how prebiotic ingredients can be tailored to meet specific consumer needs and preferences, enhancing both health benefits and product appeal.
⭐️ Bonus: get customer-oriented product formula with prebiotic fiber.

We will also hold a Q&A session.

Whether you want to develop a prebiotic sparkling drink, a high-protein, fiber-enriched shake, or a prebiotic bar, our international technical and sales team is here to help. Register below ⤵️

Update 24.07.04 – The webinar is over. Ask our team to access the on-demand replay.


Len Monheit, Executive Director at the Global Prebiotic Association

Len Monheit has been in the healthy lifestyle industry for over 24 years and is currently CEO of strategy, data and insights firm Industry Transparency Center (ITC), as well as serving as Executive Director of the Global Prebiotic Association. With his deep expertise in the health ingredient and supplement sector globally and executive roles in strategy and business to business media and communications, Len guides ingredient, supplement, healthier-positioned food and beverage and natural products companies on trend analysis, markets, regulations, product positioning, sourcing and supply chain and growth strategy.


Jacinda Slagle,
Executive Account Manager, Nexira Inc.

Louis Gorisse,
Executive Account Manager, Nexira DACH

Who Should Attend?

This webinar addresses all the professional R&D and Marketers from F&B or supplements brands.

Join your brand to the gut microbiome revolution

The global trend of incorporating prebiotic fibers into food and nutritional products is growing as consumers become more aware of their benefits for example in digestive health. Moreover, with the rising awareness of the microbiome, more consumers have heard about prebiotics. According to FMCG Guru, a healthy microbiome is associated with an improved digestive health by 79% of global consumers and with an improved immune health by 74% of global consumers.

However, fibers are often associated with a negative perception: 40% of consumers have experienced side effects while consuming prebiotics in nutritional supplements. Nexira has demonstrated that Acacia fiber inavea™ is a gentle fiber, slowly fermented in the colon. It is highly tolerated, even by IBS people. According to NBJ, consumers are concerned about the quality of ingredients and the transparency on the ingredient sourcing. 63% are interested in natural claims. Even if fibers are generally associated with a healthy and natural perception, this is not always the case. Inavea™ range is all-natural, minimally processed, with no chemical. For fiber enrichment, it can be simply labeled as dietary fiber or acacia fiber. A very easy and simple labeling, clear for the consumer.

Moreover, it is already difficult for the consumer to meet the fiber recommendations via traditional foods. This is why innovative high-fiber fortified products may help them to increase their fiber intakes. Again, manufacturers of finished products and ingredient suppliers have an important role: they are here to support the consumer and help him to achieve a balance diet.

A lot of manufacturers already use common and well-known fibers in their formulations. However, for a well-balanced and diversified diet, consuming different type of fibers is important. According to NBJ, functional beverages is the main market category of the functional food and beverage market, with 75% of sales. According to FMCG Guru, 50% of consumers are more likely to turn to fortified and functional drinks among all the available formats. This is something that we have observed with our prebiotic acacia fiber. Lot of NPD were done in functional beverages, such as prebiotic carbonated drinks, in nutritional powders or in bars, such as high-protein bars.

health benefits of acacia fiber nexira

Prebiotic fibers provide numerous advantages, promoting a healthy gut microbiome. They also add their technological properties to the formulation and enhance the properties of finished products by improving moisture, texture, and taste.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the future of fortified foods and beverages with prebiotic fibers. Register now and secure your spot!