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A Wellness Approach: Beautiful Skin From Within

Nexira, a leading expert in natural ingredients and botanical extracts, provides timely solutions for the nutricosmetics industry, with the launch of its NutriBeauty Range, for the development of new products for skin and hair care, anti-aging, and more.  Nexira has a worldwide reputation for quality in the world of plant-based dietary supplements with specific beauty claims.

The Largest Organ of The Body

With a surface area of ​​up to two square meters, our skin is the body’s largest and most developed sensory organ. The skin has such an important protective function that we could not survive without it, because it acts as a barrier that separates the interior of our body from the outside environment. The skin also has a perceptual function: it even reflects our emotions, for example, when we blush or have ‘goose bumps.’

The skin is comprised of three large superimposed layers:

  • The Epidermis [from 0.1 to 0.2 mm]
  • The Dermis [from 1 to 4 mm]
  • The Hypodermis [its deepest layer]

The skin’s maintenance requires appropriate topical cosmetic care, as well as a supply of quality nutrients. The skin needs to be kept ‘fed’ and nourished in order to perform at its best, and look its most radiant.

three main layers of the skin

The Positive Impact of Using Nutricosmetics

Skin renewal takes place in the hypodermis and dermis, which means that when using topical products, such as moisturizing creams, serums, and lotions, [which only act on the upper layers of the epidermis], their impact is limited. However, nutrients provided by orally ingesting supplements are able to act from the inside – within the deeper layers of the skin.

Nutricosmetics are therefore generally formulated to act in synergy with beauty routines. This Inside Out action is a way to visibly optimize the appearance of skin by impacting the dermis through the oral intake of nutrients, while protecting the epidermis [the outer layers of the skin] with the use of topical care.

As we age, the keratin in our hair and nails degrades, and its ability to renew itself decreases, compromising the tissue structure. Once broken, nails and hair fiber are biologically dead, and cannot be repaired. The solution is to provide care from the inside, with nutricosmetics.

Shine from Within: NutriBeauty by Nexira

Skin is a mirror of the soul. On the surface, it reveals how one lives, and how one feels. Everyone’s appearance changes over time and lines start to become visible. The skin ages, sometimes much sooner than expected. Skin aging can be exacerbated by both internal and external factors, such as UV rays, environmental influences, smoking, or an unbalanced diet. They can all literally ‘leave their mark’ on our skin!

There is hope, however, starting with the use of supplements that have the potential to enhance from within, and to restore the skin’s natural radiance.

Nexira, a leading expert in natural ingredients and botanical extracts, provides timely solutions for the nutricosmetics industry, with the launch of its NutriBeauty Range.

Nexira has selected a complete range of natural and unique ingredients with an upgrade thanks to its state-of-the-art industrial know-how.

This range offers nutritional richness for sublime beauty, answering manufacturers and consumers’ needs.

NutriBeauty by Nexira

Benefits of NutriBeauty by Nexira


Nexira is inspired by nature to offer a relevant response to consumer demand for the use of food supplements to enhance beauty from within, and the NutriBeauty Range can deliver the desired results. For a radiant complexion, boosted / plumped skin, or hair with added vitality, Nexira knows that the secret to glowing skin and lustrous hair is in nature.

A key promise of the GLOW & BEAUTY line is improved luminosity, with solutions that provide antioxidant protection, correct imperfections, and reveal the beauty of the skin. Nexira’s wide range of high quality, natural botanical extracts, specialties and powders include active ingredients such as Oli-Ola™ and VinOseed™ that promote a glowing complexion.

For younger and smoother looking skin, the YOUTH & PREVENTION line provides natural ingredients that pledge to improve firmness and elasticity, and encourage cell regeneration.

Through the HAIR & NAILS CARE line, the NutriBeauty range also offers ingredients that strengthen tired hair and weak nails, resulting in renewed, lustrous hair and brilliant nails.

Commitments of NutriBeauty by Nexira

Nexira is a global leader in natural ingredients and botanical extracts. Our R&D team provides our partners and customers with ongoing support, providing tailor-made solutions for the development of new formulations. Innovation is at the core of Nexira’s customer service.

If you are a manufacturer or a brand that would like to develop a personalized formulation with active ingredients for your product(s), please contact us.

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