acacia efistab ingredient


For the stabilization
& roundness of wines

  • Color stabilization and flavor enhancement
  • Easy to use before or after filtration
  • All natural, contains no sulfites
arabique arabic Efistab TM is a complete line of all-natural and sulfite-free acacia gum products designed to enhance the overall quality of wine. Efistab TM is available as purified, odorless and tasteless white powders that are ready to use and instantly dissolved in wine. It is a protective, all natural hydrocolloid that is able to chelate and stabilize metals in wine avoiding copper and iron haze. Efistab TM shows unrivalled performance in preventing precipitation of tartrate crystals. Management of tannins by the winemaker is critical to the wine’s attributes. Efistab TM complexes the polyphenols in red wine and prevents them from interacting, polymerizing and precipitating. As a result, astringency is significantly reduced and color is stabilized and enhanced. Efistab TM improves wine’s roundness and softness by reducing the acidity in white wines treated with tartaric acid and by masking the potentially aggressive and harsh effect of tannins in young red wines. Efistab TM is a natural ingredient suitable with awide range of applications. Organic grade available Manufactured in France Reduces astringency Color stabilizer Easy-to-use before and after filtration In compliance with International Oenological Codex Easy to store



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