Clean up your labels with
our natural ingredients

Closely linked with trends for natural, organic and sustainable products, the clean label movement is growing in scope and magnitude with each passing year. Consumer interest is driven by a desire for transparency and increasing awareness of healthy dietary benefits: consumers want high-quality, convenient foods with familiar and minimally processed ingredients.

Nexira, world leader in acacia, natural ingredients and botanical extracts, offers ingredients that are:


In response to consumers’ desire for a healthier diet, we offer a complete range of premium natural ingredients and superfruits with impeccable traceability.

Our ingredients are highly suitable for the development of new, label-friendly products.

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Organic certification
adds greater value

With the increasing demand for natural high quality products, traceability, and environmental responsibility, the market for organic products is growing significantly in every sector: food, beverages, cosmetics and more!

With a history of seeking natural sources, and its heritage of uncompromising quality, Nexira is proud to supply a large range of organic ingredients to satisfy all the consumers and industrials’ needs in food & beverage and supplement:

  • Our ingredients are certified by ECOCERT, an internationally recognized certification body specialized in organic products. They are also certified USDA Organic and NOP.

  • We source in suitable areas: our selected locations are in isolated areas where it is not possible to buy inputs such as fertilizers or pesticides. Our organic ingredients are sourced in accordance with traditional methods: handpicked or simple mechanics.