cranberry exocyan ingredient


Natural Cranberry extracts for urinary tract health

  • Organic cranberry extracts
  • Up to 90% fruits solids content
  • Up to 90% PACs content
Our plant, located in France and equipped with on-site laboratory, applies the most reliable methods of analysis for PACs content: BL-DMAC, Bate Smith (BS), HPLC. I In order to ensure our products are derived from Vaccinium macrocarpon, Nexira has developed a proprietary universal method of analysis to guarantee the identity and the quality of ExocyanTM Naturally packed with polyphenols and especially ProAnthoCyanidins (PACs), ExocyanTM has powerful antioxidant properties. Nexira offers the industry’s most extensive range of cranberry extracts, standardized in PACs (proanthocyanidins) or in fruits solids, by using pomace or juice (or in combination) with several processing options. Nexira can produce cranberry extracts with extremely high levels of active compounds, such as 90% PACs by Bate-Smith and 20% PAC by BL-DMAC. Cranberry extracts for urinary tract health: A-type PACs help to reduce the adhesion of E.coli bacteria on the urinary tract walls. Since July 2020, the Food and Drug Administration authorizes qualified health claim for dietary supplements related to Cranberry and UTI. “Limited scientific evidence shows that consuming 500mg each day of cranberry dietary supplement, healthy women who have had a urinary tract infection, may reduce their risk of recurrent UTI.” Exocyan™ 100% Whole Cranberry Powder (93002 available references: Exocyan™ 10G and Exocyan™ 10G Bio) Meets the FDA qualified health claim at 500 mg Cost-efficient Organic grade available ExocyanTM is a nutraceutical ingredient used in food supplements and functional beverages. Organic grade available Manufactured in France Non-GMO sources Available in solvent-free and organic grades. The physical characteristics of Exocyan TM (water soluble, low hygroscopicity, direct compression etc.) make this range easy-to-use in a wide range of applications and use levels. Can be used in a capsule, softgel, tablet, functional beverage, gum or stick pack.


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