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  • Healthy blood flow properties
  • Unique botanical formulation
  • Proprietary scientific studies

EnoSTIM TM is a proprietary synergistic formulation of active ingredients, apple and grape polyphenols, enriched with saffron.


EnoSTIM TM has been awarded the Ingredient of the Year in the “Healthy Ageing” category.

Nutra awards enostim

Regarding EnoSTIM TM, judges declared:

The judging panel was impressed by the innovative solution for the issue and the strong scientific evidence supplied including clinical data with a clear and demonstrated mechanism of action. They noted that the product is well positioned in the market and targets a clear need of aging men.” 

Sexual activity is an important indicator of the overall health and well-being of men. 

Saffron (flower stigmas from Crocus sativus) has been used in traditional medicine as aphrodisiac. Saffron’s ability to improve male performance was demonstrated in several clinical studies1. In Europe, saffron benefits from the pending claim: “Improves erection and relaxes muscles”2.

The Nitric Oxide (NO) pathway is the cornerstone of the blood flow mechanism allowing penile erection. eNOs (endothelial Nitric Oxide synthase) synthetises NO, thereby directly relates to blood flow. In vitro3 and ex vivo4 studies showed that Nexira’s Proprietary Formulation activates eNOs, which can increase blood flow up to 50%. As shown in vivo5, Nexira’s proprietary formulation scavenge free radicals thereby protecting NO action and decreasing oxidative stress by 74%.

A 4-week study was conducted on men aged 45+6. On week 4, results are outstanding, assessed by wildly accepted questionnaires: 74% of volunteers improved their hardness score.

EnoSTIM TM is a nutraceutical used in food supplements.

  • Manufactured in France
  • Recommended use level: 300-600mg per day
enostim ingredient

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