The Natural Solution for Joint Health

  • Mobility, flexibility & joint comfort
  • Devil’s Claw extracts
  • Natural botanical origin

FlexiGO TM is an all-natural solution of Devil’s claw extracts for joint health. FlexiGO TM helps to improve mobility, flexibility and joint comfort.


Manufactured in France, this ingredient, coming from a root growing only in the South of Africa, is the natural solution to improve joint health.

Nexira has established a long-term supply chain partnership throughout the industry. Once the roots are sustainably picked, they are carefully transported and processed in France using a gentle process with a water extraction and a physical concentration.

Harpagophytum procumbens D. and Harpagophytum zeyheri Decne also known as Devil’s Claw, are traditionally used to maintain joint health.

Harpagophytum has clinically proven effects on joint health1,2,3

  • Contributes to decrease inflammation markers
  • Improve mobility and flexibility.

This ingredient can be used for elder people and for athletes and active people.

FlexiGO TM is a nutraceutical ingredient used in food supplements.

  • Organic grade available
  • Manufactured in France,
  • Standardized concentrations of up to 20% of harpagoside monopic in HPLC method.
  • 100% Devil’s Claw (carrier-free).

In Europe Harpagophytum procumbens benefits from two pending claims4

  • Helps to maintain joint health
  • Helps to maintain flexible joints and good mobility

 Kosher certified and suitable for vegetarian & vegan

harpagophytum Flexigo ingredient
Devil’s claw extracts nexira
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