fat burning plant based solutions

Fat Burning Plant-Based Solutions

Many athletes are looking for the same thing: effective and natural ingredients to improve their performance while managing their weight loss through diet restriction.

For a full program, Nexira offers ingredients to use in capsules, tablets, powders and drinks for weight management and sports nutrition applications.

Our TOP 3 fat burning ingredients

Standardized to 8% natural caffeine

yerba mate

Yerba mateIlex paraguariensis, is a tree with persistent leaves, which are traditionally prepared as an infusion. Due to its caffeine content, yerba mate is associated to energy and alertness and often used in weight loss program.

Standardized in active molecules:
Total polyphenols, Total catechins, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), Caffeine

green tea

Our raw material comes exclusively from Camellia sinensis leaves, gently processed with a water extraction. Green Tea extract may contribute to weight control thanks to its effect on post-prandial satiety, increasing energy expenditure and stimulating the breakdown of fat stored in the body.
Organic grade available.

Standardized to 15% chlorogenic acids

Green coffee

Green coffeeCoffea arabica or Coffea robusta, are well-known for their caffeine and chlorogenic acid content which is involved in carbohydrates and fats metabolism regulation. Green coffee is an excellent food supplement ingredient for weight management & sports nutrition.
Organic grade available.

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