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Damien Guillemet joins Global Prebiotic Association Technical Committee

The Global Prebiotic Association (GPA) is an organization working to raise awareness of the emerging, distinct health benefits of prebiotics

The Global Prebiotic Association (GPA), an organization working to raise awareness of the emerging, distinct health benefits of prebiotics, welcomes Damien Guillemet, our Scientific Development Director, as a new member of the Technical Committee.
Established in 2018, the Global Prebiotic Association is, at heart, a communications and strategy liaison, interacting with and providing resources to stakeholders, medical community, consumers, academia, media and government & regulatory groups. The GPA is open to ingredient manufacturers, brand holders, retailers, and associate members including physicians and scientific journals.

Global Prebiotic Association

As a member, Damien will work with the GPA through education initiatives to build long-term demand and to maintain prebiotic product integrity and efficacy.

Damien Guillemet

Passionate about biology since his early age, Damien has dedicated his past two decades to the development of acacia gum and botanicals extracts ingredients. Implicated in development of analytical methods, manufacturing processes, and applications studies, he has continuously kept a strong implication in R&D development.
With a strong scientific background, Damien is in charge of driving scientific evidences on ingredients mainly dedicated to health benefits, in the areas of obesity and metabolic comorbidities, sport performance, erectile function, joints impairments, cognitive functions, prebiotic activities and digestive disorders.

To find out more about the GPA, visit www.prebioticassociation.org/

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