Gut health in sports performance

Save the date and get access the Sports & Active Nutrition Gut Microbiome Webinar on October 7, 2020

Sports nutrition in 2020 is much than just performance

It is about being ready to perform while being first of all healthy. The gut is central to this.

This broadcast will put into context the importance of gut health in sport, the emerging evidence and the strategies that support performance. 

Register now for the Gut Microbiome session to discover the benefits associated with a healthy gut in sport whilst discussing the opportunities for sports nutrition brands. 

Nexira gut microbiome summit
Save the date:  October 07, 2020 – 3:00pm (CET).

What you will explore during the Gut Microbriome session

  • Performing with probiotics: Why athletes are listening to their gut
  • Sports Nutrition for the game of life
  • Embracing individuality 

Is it for you?

You are a sports nutrition brand/manufacturer looking to tap into this area of interest. If you’re seeking to get knowledge about the science behind the huge array of benefits associated with a healthy gut in sport, this is the perfect opportunity.

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