Synergistic complex for Appetite control

  • Latest innovation for appetite control
  • Unique synergistic combination
  • Patent-pending formulation

Carolean™, a synergistic formulation based on carob and nopal, is a proprietary patent-pending complex specifically designed for appetite control.


With over 20 years of experience and unrivalled expertise on sourcing and processing, Nexira has established a leading position with its star ingredient: Cactus on the weight management market.
Nexira has acquired a Swiss company, expert in carob processing. Carolean™ complex is the fruit of combined R&D efforts to design an innovative solution.

Carolean™ provides both effectiveness and convenience for appetite control. The new patent-pending ingredient has demonstrated a clear ability to reduce appetite and limit cravings.

In conditions mimicking the ingestion (Temperature, pH), Carolean™ shows a superior kinetic reaching the satiety culmination quicker when compared to recognized market standards. 15 minutes after ingestion, already 70% of the viscosity is reached which optimizes the satiety effect more rapidly.

Our unique proprietary process enables a large variety of powder quality and behavior which makes our complex notably effective at ambient temperature.
Carolean™ is suitable for food supplements

Carolean Carolean


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