Innovative nutritional texturizer

  • Reduces fat & sugar content
  • Preserves organoleptic properties
  • Fortifies in fibers

Equacia TM is a co-processed ingredient made of soluble acacia gum fibers and gluten-free insoluble wheat fibers.


Equacia TM is a nutritional acacia gum texturizer specially designed to reduce fats and sugar content while preserving organoleptic properties and fortifying food products with fibers.

To obtain a smooth texture, Equacia TM acacia gum doesn’t need any thermic treatment nor mechanical activation. Equacia TM enables to get smoothness immediately after water dissolution. Equacia TM stand up to a wide range of pH, temperature and process conditions.

Equacia TM can be used for food & beverage formulations. Depending on the application, Equacia TM has various benefits for your final product.

  • Natural ingredient with exceptional organoleptic and nutritional properties
  • Source of soluble and insoluble fibers
  • Natural and vegetable fat substitute
  • Ready-to-use texturizer
  • Extends shelf life
ble nexira equacia ingredient
nexira acacia forest

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