• A purified sea water extract
  • Source of marine minerals & micronutrients
  • Supports 10 health claims

Simag TM is a Natural Marine Magnesium.


It is a purified sea water extract and supports 10 health claims.

Magnesium is an essential mineral nutrient which plays a role in energy metabolism, mineral homeostasis, neuromuscular and endocrine functions. Thanks to Simag TM, Nexira offers a perfect solution to help fortify in magnesium.

Simag TM is a purified natural marine mineral extract. Its specific geographical origin allows a unique mineral profile. Gentle and solvent free process allows reduction of sodium and chloride content.

Magnesium is an essential nutrient and serves as a co-factor for over 300 enzymes involved in biological processes.

Nutritional and health claims:

  • Source of / rich in magnesium
  • EFSA scientific panel has approved 10 health claims for magnesium
  • Also eligible for FDA qualified health claim

Manufactured in France, Simag TM is a source of natural magnesium suitable for numerous applications thanks to its nutritional and health claims.

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