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Nexira celebrates the Global Day to Combat Desertification with its partner SOS SAHEL

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As part of the Africa days, Mathieu Dondain, Managing Director of Nexira, the world leader in acacia gum and natural ingredients, presents our involvement and co-operation through the Acacia Project on which Nexira has been working for more than ten years with the French NGO SOS SAHEL and other partners.

Acacia gum, Beyond Sustainability 

Acacia gum SOS SAHEL

Acacia gum is an exudation obtained from the acacia tree. This raw material has been harvested for centuries in the gum belt, which includes more than fifteen countries. It is a seasonal picking activity providing income for hundreds of thousands of families. 

This sector is very important to promote economic, social development for local popultations and environmental protection in fragile regions.  Since 2009, 28,000 producers have benefited from the Acacia Project.

Discover key figures about our contribution to the Acacia Project.

Prevention against deforestation & desertification

Thanks to the support of SOS SAHEL and the Acacia Project, the sustainability of this ecosystem is reinforced.
Acacia forests are protected in a sustainable way, with 10,000 hectares of reforestation, several million replanted trees which promote soil stabilization and constitute a barrier to desertification. It is a crucial element of the Great Green Wall.

Moreover, water points have been built in villages to facilitate access to drinking water.

Africa Days Mathieu Dondain
Webinar on June 25

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