WEBINAR: Over 100 Years of Sourcing Herbs

Join us to explore Nexira’s values, vision, and commitment to sustainability

Our first webinar of 2024 will be hold by our partner, the American Botanical Council’s Sustainable Herbs Program (SHP), on January 18th, 11am-12 pm EST.

In this webinar, SHP Director Ann Armbrecht will speak with Mathieu Dondain, 4th generation in the family and, since 2010, the Managing Director and Vice President of Nexira.

Key Learnings

➡️They will talk about the values that have guided the company for the past 100 years: passion, sustainability, reliability, and ethics, and what they mean in the concrete terms of managing the company.
➡️They also will discuss strategies the company has followed in order to maintain its independence and stay true to its values and how its work with gum acacia in Chad illustrates these values.
➡️ And they will talk about what is unique about family-owned businesses and what it is like to lead one that has been actively engaged in the global botanical trade for over 100 years.


Mathieu Dondain,
General Director and Vice President, Nexira

Ann Armbrecht,
Director of Sustainable Herbs Program

Be part of an enriching discussion that goes beyond the surface, providing you with unique insights into Nexira’s philosophy and practices.

We look forward to your presence at this exciting event. In the meantime, join our company LinkedIn page to gain access to valuable information into the food, beverage and nutraceuticals industries 👉 Join Nexira now

Webinar on June 25

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