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Nexira’s Growth Fueled by the Acquisition of UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG

Swiss-based UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG produces natural ingredients and premium hydrocolloids for the food industry. The company is an expert and a world leader in the production of Locust Bean Gum.

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Ingredient solutions

Sustainability: Our Guide
to Nature’s Gifts

More than ever, consumers demand enhanced traceability and clean sourcing of their functional food and beverages.

At Nexira, we are deeply involved in sustainable development on many levels: environmental protection, social assistance for the local population, and the economic growth of the countries from which our ingredients are sourced.

We take special care to develop and preserve the origins of the natural raw materials that we source, such as acacia gum and prickly pear.

Organic Ingredients,
an Ongoing Revolution

With the increasing demand for natural high-quality products, improved traceability, and environmental responsibility, the market for organic products is growing significantly.

As a pioneer in the selection of natural ingredients, Nexira offers consumers a complete range of certified organic ingredients.