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Nexira, world leader in acacia,
natural ingredients
and botanical extracts.

Since its foundation in 1895, Nexira has been providing the best innovative natural ingredients for the food, health and nutrition industries.

Ingredient solutions to meet consumers' expectations

Global leader in acacia, natural ingredients, and botanical extracts, Nexira is dedicated to provide only the best natural and plant-based ingredients with a large offer available in organic. Discover a unique selection of a wide range of natural ingredients gently processed into powder form with the finest quality for the food, health and nutrition industries.

Innovation inspired by nature

Our family-owned company has built its reputation as the world leader in acacia, a natural exudate of acacia trees. Our expertise has expanded to encompass a large range of ingredients derived from natural sources. Our portfolio of products includes high-quality plant extract powders, antioxidants, soluble dietary fibers, texturizing ingredients, and active botanical extracts.

Nexira’s 3 complementary divisions ensure a global expertise from raw material sourcing and proprietary processing technologies to formulation support. 

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our guide to Nature’s gifts

More than ever, consumers demand enhanced traceability and clean sourcing of their functional food and beverages.
At Nexira, we are deeply involved in sustainable development on many levels: environmental protection, social assistance for the local population, and the economic growth of the countries from which our ingredients are sourced.

We take special care to develop and preserve the origins of the natural raw materials that we source, such as acacia gum and prickly pear.

Organic ingredients,
an here to stay revolution

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The market for organic products answers the increasing demand for natural high-quality products, improved traceability, environmental responsibility, and care of the planet. 
As a pioneer in selecting natural ingredients, Nexira offers to consumers a complete range of certified organic ingredients.


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Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our priorities, and we are dedicated to supporting your projects. Whether you are already using our extensive range of natural solutions in your formulations or embarking on a new project, we are here to help.