acacia gum

The ultimate performance in all-natural protection of sensitive components

Outstanding Acacia Gum Encapsulation Properties Demonstrated By Science

Acacia gum efficiency in encapsulation has largely been demonstrated in scientific literature and is still studied with more than 40 studies in last past 20 years. 

  • Unique anti-oxidant properties
  • Potent film forming properties & high-oil-load properties
  • Excellent drying benefits especially for difficult to dry & sensitive ingredients

Nexira’s Taylor-made Solutions Depending On Your Final Powder Requirements

World leader in acacia gum since 1895, Nexira developed a large range of encapsulation solutions based on acacia gum to naturally protect your sensitive ingredients.

  • Large range of high quality all-natural acacia gums
  • 100% soluble, instantly dispersible & dust-free for easy use
  • Low hygroscopicity for optimized oil load & retention

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