harpagophytum Flexigo ingredient


The natural solution for joint health

  • Mobility, flexibility & joint comfort
  • Devil’s Claw extracts
  • Natural botanical origin
FlexiGO TM is an all-natural solution of Devil’s claw extracts for joint health. FlexiGO TM helps to improve mobility, flexibility and joint comfort. Manufactured in France, this ingredient, coming from a root growing only in the South of Africa, is the natural solution to improve joint health. Nexira has established a long-term supply chain partnership throughout the industry. Once the roots are sustainably picked, they are carefully transported and processed in France using a gentle process with a water extraction and a physical concentration. Harpagophytum procumbens D. and Harpagophytum zeyheri Decne also known as Devil’s Claw, are traditionally used to maintain joint health. Harpagophytum has clinically proven effects on joint health1,2,3 Contributes to decrease inflammation markers Improve mobility and flexibility. This ingredient can be used for elder people and for athletes and active people. FlexiGO TM is a nutraceutical ingredient used in food supplements. Organic grade available Manufactured in France, Standardized concentrations of up to 20% of harpagoside monopic in HPLC method. 100% Devil’s Claw (carrier-free). In Europe Harpagophytum procumbens benefits from two pending claims4 Helps to maintain joint health Helps to maintain flexible joints and good mobility Kosher certified and suitable for vegetarian & vegan


Sport - Mobility

vinitrox ingredient


The healthy performance

  • Amp up Nitric Oxide level
  • Improves muscle performance and break through the fatigue barrier
  • Powerful antioxydant
Amp up Nitric Oxide level Improves muscle performance and break through the fatigue barrier Powerful antioxydant ViNitrox TM is a unique proprietary synergistic combination of apple and grape polyphenols. ViNitrox TM is the result of the association of a unique “terroir” expertise and a specific process to meet with specific athletes demands, looking for natural dietary supplements. Nexira’s Grape Extracts are mainly sourced from famous French vineyards and are carefully harvested and selected to offer the highest content in phenolic compounds. Active ingredients are extracted from seed, leaf, skin and shoot as each part of the vineyard is unique. Nexira draws its know-how from its exceptional French heritage to offer the best combination of grapes and apples supported by a clinical study. Healthy blood flow is linked to production of Nitric Oxide (NO) by an enzyme called eNOs (endothelial Nitric Oxyde synthase). In vitro1 and ex vivo2 studies show that Vinitrox TM increases eNOs activation by 43% and NO production by 24%. The latest clinical study of Nexira was conducted on 50 athletes aged from 25 to 451. Results shows that athletes who took 500 mg per day of ViNitroxTM and making an intense effort, improve physical capacities: Increases physical training time by 10% Optimized physical capacities by delaying the fatigue barrier by 13% It offers outstanding properties on sports nutrition, especially with an effect on performance improvement and an extension of the effort duration. An in vivo study shows protective properties3: A decrease of 74% of oxidative stress A minimum guaranteed ORAC value 6000µmol TEq/g In our latest consumer study, 1/2 of the athletes agrees that ViNitroxTM contributes to a general decrease of fatigue and reduces pain during the trail running. Manufactured in France, ViNitroxTM is a nutraceutical ingredient easy-to-use in tablets, capsules, gels, shots etc..


Sport - Mobility

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