The Vegetal Nootropic

  • Innovative formulation with synergistic activity
  • Improvement of working memory
  • Efficacy from single dose to prolonged use

Cognivia TM is a vegetal nootropic, the first ingredient to combine Garden Sage leaf extract and Spanish Sage encapsulated essential oil for an enhanced efficacy.


Sage has been used for centuries for its multiple health benefits. This plant has been widely studied in the literature for its efficiency on cognitive performances. Clinical studies have established memory and alertness improvements related to the separate use of Spanish sage and Garden sage1,2,3,4,5.

Cognivia TM has been revealed as 2020 finalist for the NutraIngredients Awards (Europe & USA) in the Healthy aging category and Cognitive function category!
More recently, Cognivia™ has been revealed as finalist of the NIE Awards 2021. Impressed with the ingredient, Cheryl Myers – Chief of Scientific Affairs and Education, EuroPharma, Inc., stated, “Cognivia had a good human study showing improvement in working memory, face recall and other parameters of memory.

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Nexira’s recent in vivo study shows the beneficial synergistic effect on long-term memory, in both single dose and prolonged use6. Cognivia TM demonstrated significant results compared to individual Sage sources.

Our in vivo study demonstrated that the mechanism of action of Cognivia TM is related to CamKII pathway.

Our first clinical study was conducted with Northumbria University on healthy active volunteers. Results, assessed by well-known COMPASS battery of cognitive tests, have demonstrated:

  • Overall benefit on working memory function
  • Increase of performance over time consumption
  • Efficacy from single intake to prolonged use


Our NEW published placebo controlled, double-blind, randomized, crossover clinical study led by INSERM during intense physical activity has highlighted7:

  • Acute Effect; Once again, Cognivia™ has been proven to be efficient from single intake.
  • Working Memory Boost; +9% increase in Numeric Working Memory!
  • Reaction Time Increase; Compared to placebo, Cognivia™ has demonstrated a systematic and overall significant decrease in Reaction Time throughout all test points, which could lead to higher attention performance for e-gaming.   
  • Perceived Exertion Decrease; Cognitive tests were performed during intense physical activity. Workout has been felt as very intense and inducing fatigue. Cognivia™ has shown a significant overall decrease in Rate of Perceived Exertion compared to placebo.   

Cognivia TM is easy to use as a food supplement ingredient for brain performance in capsule, tablet, stick pack, powder.

  • Organic grade available
  • Manufactured in France
  • Water-dispersible powder
  • Low level of use
  • Available pending claims on memory
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