Grape extracts

  • Exclusive premium raw material
  • Extensive range
  • High OPC content
  • Sulfite-free and Organic grades available

Nexira’s Grape Extracts are the result of the association of an exceptional “terroir” with thousands of years of agricultural expertise & a specific extraction process. Grapes are carefully selected to offer the highest content in phenolic compounds.


The wine consumption of French people linked to their health conditions is well known as the French Paradox. Nexira’s Grape Extracts are mainly sourced from famous French vineyards and are carefully harvested and selected to offer the highest content in phenolic compounds. Active ingredients are extracted from seed, leaf, skin and shoot as each part of the vineyard is unique. This allows Nexira to provide top quality extracts with high guaranteed content in Total Polyphenols, OPCs, Proanthocyanidins, Anthocyanins and t-Resveratrol.

Our experience in sustainable sourcing guarantees the traceability from the vineyard to our ingredient. The gentle manufacturing process is controlled in our French facility. Thanks to our expertise in extraction and purification, the company offers the highest market standards.

Clinical studies have demonstrated the effect of grape seed extracts and grapes on cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure.

Grape seed extracts are also wildly known for their high antioxidant properties, improving antioxidant status and decreasing free radical production.

The physical characteristics of our grape extracts (water soluble, low hygroscopicity) make our line easy-to-use in a wide range of supplements.




Distribution outside Europe only.





Vinoseed         vinoseed so free



VinOseed SO free, The Highest Antioxidant Activity

  • >50% OPC
  • Only fresh seeds raw material
  • Water extraction
  • Sulfite-free
  • ORAC>19,000

NEW in vitro proprietary study: VinOseed™SO free, a sulfite-free and clean label grape seed extract sourced from Californian sunny vineyards, offers the highest antioxidant activity on the market.

👉 Read the full article on Nexira’s blog to discover our NEW in vitro study on VinOseed™ SO free and its health benefits.

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