Grape Seed Extract Benefits: Next-Gen Support for Health

With the extensive growth of the clean label movement, Nexira has extended its range of high-quality grape extracts to offer a new generation of grape seed extracts with the highest content of phenolic compounds, to support a healthy lifestyle.

VinOseed SO Free

How is Nexira’s Grape Seed Extract Made?

The careful selection of high-quality Californian grapes and the unique, proprietary process explain the exceptional quality of our grape seed extracts. The water extraction of fresh grape seeds offers the highest content of phenolic compounds guaranteed, with 95% polyphenols content and 50% OPC.

GrapeSeed Extract process

VinOseed SO FreeTM, the New Generation of Grape Seed Extract

Nexira has extended its Grape extracts range with VinOseed™ SO free, a sulfite-free, clean label grape seed extract that provides the highest antioxidant activity.

Thanks to its content in OPCs, which are predominately bioavailable compounds VinOseed™ SO free offers scientifically supported health benefits. Nexira’s solution is an easy-to-use nutraceutical ingredient in capsules, tablets, stick packs, and suitable for powders

  • Technical properties
    • More than 50% OPC
    • Only Fresh Seeds Raw Material
    • Water extraction
    • Gentle process
    • Sulfite free*
    • ORAC** > 19 000
  • Multiple advantages :
    • Clean Label
    • Suitable for Vegans
    • NON-GMO
    • Kosher

Distinctive Grape Seed Extract Benefits for Applications

Grape extracts have been used for centuries for their multiple health benefits.

NEW in vitro proprietary study: VinOseed™SO free offers the highest antioxidant activity on the market

benefits VinOseed SO Free


IN VITRO Antioxidant activity
  • AntiOxidant Power method (AOP)[1] assesses the capacity to decrease cell oxidation from free radicals, within a living cell.
  • The comparison test has been performed on epithelial (Caco2) cells which is the first cell type through which oral ingredients cross into the body (intestinal barrier).
  • The unit of measurement is the concentration of the ingredient necessary to enable a standardized antioxidant efficacy. Thelower concentration of ingredient points to a higher antioxidant capacity.

Grape seed proanthocyanidin extract is a far more powerful antioxidant than vitamins E, C and beta-carotene[2].


Aorta covered with foam cells (%)
  • Effects of grape seed extracts on cardiovascular health are demonstrated by lower blood pressure [3][4].
  • A study demonstrated that grape seed OPCs significantly attenuated the increased expression of soluble adhesion molecules in the plasma.

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[1] Derick S. et al. LUCS (Light-Up Cell System), a universal high throughput assay for homeostasis evaluation in live cells. Scientific reports, 2017, vol. 7, no 1, p. 1-11. [2] Bagchi et al, 1998. [3] Sivaprakasapillai, 2009. [4] Vinson 2002. 5: Kalfin 2002.

*<10ppm** µmol T eq./gr

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