Nourish Beauty, Naturally

  • Unique selection of natural ingredients
  • State-of-the-art industrial know-how
  • Nutritional richness for sublime beauty

Nexira is inspired by nature to offer a relevant response to consumer demand for the use of food supplements to enhance beauty from within, and the NutriBeauty Range can deliver the desired results. For a radiant complexion, boosted / plumped skin, or hair with added vitality, Nexira knows that the secret to glowing skin and lustrous hair is in nature.

Nexira is pioneering the development of a specific methodology combining the assessment of gene expression of skin tissue within a model that mimics the bioavailability of oral ingredients: this is Nutrigenomics for skin. Nutrients provided by orally ingesting supplements are able to act from the inside – within the deeper layers of the skin.


Revealing skin’s natural glow 

By far the most popular segment, a major concern of consumers, is the beauty of their skin. A key promise of the NutriBeauty range is improved radiance and luminosity, resulting in skin that glows


Cactinea Nettle leaf Vinoseed Oli-Ola


CactineaTM Nettle Leaf VinOseedTM  Oli-OlaTM 

Clean & Care

Skin Detox

Smoothes Capricious Skins Glowing Skin Orange Peel Skin



Younger & Smoother Looking Complexion

The anti-aging segment strongly contributes to the maintenance of skin functions which are relevant to battling the effects of aging. These natural ingredients promise to improve firmness and elasticity, and to encourage cell regeneration


Oli-Ola Simag


Hibiscus acerola Vinoseed
Oli-OlaTM  SimagTM Pomegranate Hibiscus Acerola VinOseedTM

Youth Activation

Collagen Skin Booster

Rejuvenated Skin

Skin Structure Improvement

Elasticity & Firmness Booster Antioxidant Benefit


Beautified and Shiny Hair & Nails

The NutriBeauty range offers natural ingredients that strengthen tired hair and weak nails, resulting in renewed, lustrous hair and brilliant nails.


  Prothy   Nettle leaf  
  ProthyTM   Nettle Leaf  
  Restores Tired Hair   Strengthens Hair  


With an awareness of trending market developments, we offer an appropriate response to consumer demand for the use of food supplements for beauty enhancement. 

The NutriBeauty range by Nexira offers:

  • 100% Natural & powerful extracts
  • Made in France
  • Organic grade available 
  • Clean label
  • Vegan grade available
  • New proprietary study

Discover Nexira’s new proprietary study in our latest blog post:

NutriBeauty by Nexira

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