• Proven reduction of stress manifestations
  • Acts at the neuron level
  • Organic certified

Serenzo TM is an all-natural ingredient to help stress management. It comes from specific varieties of citrus fruits.


In today’s fast-paced world, stress can negatively impact daily life. Mood, cognition, anxiety, emotion and other psychological behaviors are regulated by numerous neurotransmitters. Two of them are particularly involved in stress regulation: Dopamine (stress activator) and Adenosine (stress regulator). Serenzo TM is a safe and effective nutraceutical for stress and well-being.

Acting at the neuronal level, Serenzo TM has exceptional properties

  • Identification of Serenzo TM as Adenosine
  • Activation of the stress regulation
  • Inhibition of the stress response receptor

Serenzo TM was evaluated in an open clinical trial for 12 weeks. The efficacy was assessed using normative psychological questionnaires and a physiological marker. The first benefits were demonstrated after only 6 weeks:

  • 50% reduction of subjective feeling of stress
  • 53% reduction of global stress, measured through normative questionnaire

Serenzo TM is a natural ingredient used in food supplements.

  • Organic grade available
  • Manufactured in France
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