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The Culmination of More Than 50 Years of Sustainable Development

Beyond Sustainability, Towards Carbon Neutrality

inavea™ is the first range of premium sustainable and organic ingredients combining two promises: strong science and ambitious environmental carbon neutrality as of January 2021.

This 100% voluntary undertaking is part of a sustainable development approach that has been in place since the 1970s.
Nexira’s inavea™ CARING BY NATURE project takes particular care to preserve natural resources and support natural local communities. A genuine turning point and the culmination of Nexira’s sustainable development approach, the inavea™ range of natural and organic ingredients with proven health benefits is now announcing a carbon neutral footprint as of January 2021.

With this new brand, Nexira, the world leader in acacia gum processing, is ambitiously strengthening a commitment that has existed for several years.

inavea™ is the first premium brand of organic and sustainable ingredients that:

• Preserves natural resources,
• Supports local communities,
• Aims for a carbon neutral footprint,
• Offers health benefits proven by scientific studies.

Nexira’s sustainable development approach is in line with the following United Nations’ Sustainable Development objectives:

Sustainable development goals
Sustainable development goals

Sustainability Commitment as Viewed by Mathieu Dondain, Managing Director of Nexira

I – What are the promises of the inavea™ range?

inavea™ is the first range of premium sustainable and organic ingredients combining a strong scientific promise and an ambitious environmental promise.
All the ingredients are organic and of very high quality, with benefits validated by significant work and studies that we have been compiling at Nexira for many years. Our industrial know-how now allows us to offer a range that is unique on the market.
With inavea™, we have set ourselves the ambitious challenge of carbon neutrality. We have been involved in preserving natural resources and supporting local communities for several years now, and our commitment will be further strengthened.
” says Mathieu Dondain.

II – Why is carbon neutrality important for the inavea™ range?

The inavea™ CARING BY NATURE project is an opportunity to promote the entire sector. “As a world leader in acacia gum, we have a corporate responsibility. We must look to the future and uphold strong values, ones that make sense and correspond to our activities. Aiming for carbon neutrality is certainly an ambitious project, not only environmentally but also economically! And yet it is ultimately the concrete expression of all the actions we have been taking for a long time. I hope that as many companies as possible will move in this direction.

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Mathieu Dondain Nexira

“Nexira has embarked on a project to achieve carbon neutrality as of January 2021”


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