• Supports cellular regeneration
  • Reinforces gut barrier
  • Improves immune response

Immunell TM is a natural and safe ingredient derived from a yeast extract (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).


With a high purity rate (60% nucleotides), and formulated on prebiotic acacia, Immunell TM contributes to reinforce immune response.

Naturally occurring in food and breast milk and found in all living cells of the body, nucleotides are semi-essential molecules. Nucleotides have been used for years in nutrition to support organ growth, immune system and intestinal function.

Being a unique source for the 4 semi-essential nucleotides Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Uracil, Immunell TM acts on these biological functions to improve general health.

Cellular turnover of immune and gastro-intestinal systems requires nucleotide. Immunell TM provides the nucleotides necessary to facilitate cellular regeneration through cell proliferation and tissue renewal.

Immunell TM stimulates specific internal defenses, accelerates and reinforces the immune response against external factors.

Immunell TM is the perfect immunity bodyguard manufactured in France.

levure nexira Immunell ingredient

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