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Expanding Nexira’s footprint to Metabolic Health

Metabolic Health: A review of healthy weight and glycemia

Metabolic health is a health status. Being metabolically healthy means having optimal levels of certain metabolic markers and so a low risk of cardiometabolic diseases, according to research published in the journal Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders. But metabolism isn’t just about weight, and the number on the scale is just one measurement of good health. For a comprehensive picture of overall wellness and so metabolic health, researchers have identified five primary markers of metabolic health: waist circumference, blood sugar level, blood pressure, triglycerides level and HDL cholesterol level. But leading a healthy lifestyle as well as managing a healthy weight is helpful to achieve metabolic health compatible targets.

Historic leaders on the weight management market, Nexira offers a full range of natural ingredients for healthy weight. Nexira is also exploring multiple opportunities to address the growing market of metabolic health notably by investigating the power of our ingredients in modulating microbiome. The gut microbiome is not just about digestion but it’s emerging as a cornerstone of good health. To complete its portfolio, Nexira introduces a new organic and carbon neutral prebiotic product, inavea™ cinnamon & acacia for glycemia modulation, and a new study on VinOgrape™ Plus on gut microbiome modulation.

Let’s have a look at two of the main markers of metabolic health: Weight management and Healthy glycemia/blood glucose.

Metabolic health in supplements

According to Innova database, supplement launches tracked with metabolic health claims are growing faster than all supplements launches. 22% of all the supplements launches in 2023 had a metabolic health claims.

In this study, metabolic health claims include heart health, diabetes, weight management and blood pressure.

According to Innova Health & Nutrition Survey 2023, when asking consumers what are their main reasons for taking supplements, they answer first to help stay health, secondly to help boost immunity and in third position to help preventing disease.

When looking withing regions, among metabolic health claims, blood pressure claims are leading in supplements with 2 out of 3 supplement launches with a metabolic health claim contained a heart health claim. It’s mainly explained by the aging population.

Weight management claims comes in second in the category of metabolic health supplements with a variety of products offering fat-burning, slimming or energy-boosting. It is then followed by diabetes and blood pressures claims.

Metabolic health in food and beverage

When looking at the metabolic health claims in food & beverage innovations, Innova Database reports a growth with launches tracked with weight management and diabetic claims during the past 5 years.

The top 3 fastest growing categories of F&B launches with a weight management metabolic health claim are spreads with +48%, soft drinks with 7%, and sports nutrition with +2%.

Weight management as a common health concern across different generation

In terms of consumer interest, almost 44% of U.S. survey participants mentioned weight management as their top physical health concern (Trends Survey 2024). Furthermore, 20% indicated they had chosen more food and beverage products aimed at dieting or weight loss in the past year (Lifestyle & Attitudes Survey 2023).

Physical health concerns vary according to generations but weight management remains the major concern for younger populations including Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z population (Innova Trends Survey 2024). This concern appears in #2 position for boomers prioritizing heart health first.

With Nexira 360 approach to health weight, brands can address each generation depending on the mechanisms of action they are looking for.

Supporting healthy weight management and metabolic function

Most consumers are looking to lose weight but as opposed to what the market is claiming, there is no “magic weight loss pill”. To get the most rewarding results, the best is to consider a comprehensive and holistic approach including diet and exercise with the support of appropriate dietary supplements. This may involve trustful, science-based dietary supplements for appetite control, enzyme inhibition, detoxification, microbiome modulation, water elimination, and fat binding.

Consumers want evidence to support health claims made on products. And 28% of global consumers say that branded health ingredients are important when shaping perceptions of value when buying health and wellness products (2023).

With weight management back to scene, Nexira offers a complete range of ingredients based on both historic and innovative solutions with different mechanisms of action.

Leading the way to Microbiome modulation as next generation weight management solution

Combining its expertise in microbiome (through prebiotic acacia fiber) and its unique sourcing and process on grapes, Nexira has launched VinOgrape™ Plus, a natural grape extract rich in powerful antioxidant compounds (OPC and anthocyanins). In recent in vivo studies, VinOgrape™ Plus has shown proven prebiotic effect by significantly modulating the gut microbiome profile and increase the diversity index compared to control.

VinOgrape™ Plus has also significantly increased the abundance of Akkermansia muciniphila, suggesting a beneficial and active role in metabolic support as well as weight control. Nexira has also observed a beneficial impact on glycemia, in High Fat High Sucrose in vivo model. Ultimately, VinOgrape™ Plus owns the ability to favor the production of metabolites of interests by microbiota such as Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs), notably acetate.

Addressing diverse consumers’ weight management goals

The area of weight management offers many opportunities to address specific concerns with scientifically substantiated ingredients. Carolean™ is among one of our latest innovations.

For Carolean™, our R&D team has formulated an innovative solution that provides both effectiveness and convenience for appetite control and comes as a perfect natural food supplement. Carolean™ is a patent-pending complex, combining carob and nopal. Natural and clean label, with no side effects, while still being price competitive Carolean™ is a great product to keep in mind when formulating any weight management formulations.

Synergistic efficacy has been demonstrated to show the superiority of Carolean™ complex vs single ingredients. It has demonstrated a clear ability to reduce appetite and limit cravings. Our in vitro study has been designed to mimic the ingestion in terms of temperature and pH. Carolean™ has shown a superior kinetic compared to glucomannans: Carolean™ was efficient after 15 minutes and released after 75 minutes to allow an optimized digestion and no digestive discomfort.

The complete range of ingredients with different mechanisms of action, historic and innovation solutions also includes:

  • NeOpuntia™, The original fat binder (patented cactus). Neopuntia™ is a patented pure cactus powder. Neopuntia™ absorbs fat and sugars, helps fat excretion and supports healthy weight management. One of our published clinical studies shows for instance that NeopuntiaTM, consumed with a healthy diet, has positive effects on balancing blood lipid levels. NeopuntiaTM helps to increase HDL cholesterol level. 39% of women studied showed no longer Syndrome X criteria after using NeopuntiaTM. Benefits of Opuntia ficus indica cladodes on metabolic syndrome related to being overweight continue to be extensively studied, highlighting various significant results on cholesterol and glycaemia. Three interventional studies in humans demonstrated positive and significant glycaemia modulation.
  • Okralin™, The breakthrough fat binder (okra-based formulation). Okralin™ is a proprietary formulation made from okra. Okralin™ has significant results on weight-loss and body fat mass reduction and has shown impressive improvement in body shape.
  • Cactinea™, The body shaper (prickly pear powder for water elimination). Cactinea™ helps to eliminate excess water and preserves body cells from oxidative stress. Cactinea™ is effective for body slimming and beauty from within.
  • ID-alG™, The calorie killer (brown seaweed extract for enzyme inhibition). ID-alG™ has demonstrated significant results for body shape improvement and weight-loss.
  • Hepure™, The pure detox (Immortelle and Clove extracts). Proprietary combination of Immortelle & Clove extracts, Hepure™ is high in polyphenols (95%) for both antioxidant activity as well as recognized detoxification properties.

As a historic leader in the Weight Management market, Nexira has introduced its 360° approach to provide the right answer, the natural way–with premium nutraceutical solutions designed to address specific needs: GET FIT!

Beyond healthy weight: A look at metabolic health and healthy glycemia

Among the other metabolic health markers, modulating blood glucose can be addressed. How does it work? The food ingested is transformed into nutrients, including glucose, and then passes into the bloodstream. Glycemia refers to the concentration of glucose in the blood. Nexira expands its footprint the metabolic health market with the launch of a new health activator.

New metabolic health activator

inavea™ Cinnamon & Acacia is the new addition in the inavea™ range, organic and carbon neutral. The new ingredient is a combination of Acacia fiber and Cinnamon extract standardized to 25% polyphenols. Nexira has demonstrated its prebiotic activity with a gut microbiota modulation, a significant increase of SCFA such as propionate and an enrichment in healthy bacteria such as Parabacteroides distasonis. Both propionate and Parabacteroides distasonis are recognized healthy markers of metabolic health. An in vivo study has also shown a synergistic effect of inavea™ Cinnamon & Acacia with a positive and significant modulation of glycemia and insulinemia.

Nexira’s Health Division: Leading the Way in Natural Health and Nutraceutical Solutions

Nexira’s Health Division is dedicated to enhancing wellness through a range of nutraceutical ingredients that cater to women’s care, mood balance, biotics, and healthy weight. With a bold approach to nature and a foundation in botanical knowledge and scientific expertise, Nexira develops innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions for well-being.

Our health portfolio includes premium nutraceuticals, a complete palette of strongly supported active ingredients either with scientific and clinical evidence, marketing support or robust sourcing storytelling. We also provide distinctive and comprehensive botanical extracts range backed with Nexira’s best and reputable quality guarantees.

Whatever consumers need, our comprehensive range of Premium solutions addresses it with tangible and substantiated results.

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