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Nexira records the best results since 1895

Nexira, world leader in natural ingredients, records the best results since its creation in 1895

The family-owned Nexira company, number one in the worldwide acacia gum market, and a leader in natural ingredients for the food, nutrition, and health industries, is recording exceptional figures despite the global health crisis. With its unique ingredients, Nexira has the ability to respond to and fulfill the market demand for natural plant products with proven health benefits.

These results allow the group to pursue its development by independently undertaking ambitious projects: increasing production capacities, making new acquisitions and continuing its commitment to carbon neutrality with the inavea™ range, which was recently officially certified as carbon neutral.

In a recent interview with Nexira’s Managing Director, Mathieu Dondain, he spoke of the development in the U.S., where Nexira has had an office located in New Jersey since 1982. “Nexira generates 90% of its turnover internationally. The United States is an essential outlet for food supplements, a country to which we have exported for 40 years, where we have a permanent office with a dozen employees. We are carefully watching the acquisition files that arise.”

Exceptional figures

Nexira’s turnover of nearly $150 million (+ 4%) was boosted by the very strong growth of the Health division (+ 18%) which reached $40.9 million, particularly related to its establishment and ongoing development in the USA (+ 45%).

The group’s profitability reached new heights. These results can be explained by the sharp increase in the profitability of the Health division, which today enjoys international acclaim in the Nutraceutical sector.

These figures represent Nexira’s best numbers internationally since its inception, the result of a steady increase in profitability of all the group’s divisions, both in France and the U.S.A., while our teams continue to face this health crisis.

Major events

The strong growth of the Health division of Nexira confirms the development of the nutraceutical markets, due to its product offerings that are particularly suited to strategic categories such as immunity, digestive health, slimming and stress management.

To support the growth of our Health division, the Lamothe industrial plant has acquired more than 16,000 sq. feet of additional production facilities. The production capacity of Serqueux, the world’s largest acacia gum processing unit, has been increased to reach nearly 30,000 tons per year.

As a pioneer in acacia fiber research, Nexira conducts numerous clinical trials and regularly files patents to enhance the health benefits of its natural ingredients. This scientific corporate culture has enabled the company to forge a worldwide reputation for itself in the nutraceutical industry.

The launch of the exclusively organic range inavea™ which has recently obtained the carbon neutrality certificate, further strengthens Nexira’s positioning towards health nutrition with sales expected to exceed $12 million within 5 years. This new range also carries Nexira’s ambitious goals in terms of carbon reduction by 2025, a strategic focus for the future of the group. Relevant to Nexira’s U.S. presence, it is noted that the U.S. has re-joined the Paris Agreement, effective this month.

A strategic focus for Nexira: Reducing the carbon footprint

The group’s 100% voluntary approach is part of a sustainable development logic that Nexira has been pursuing for several decades. With inavea™, the new premium brand of organic and sustainable ingredients, Nexira has recently obtained the carbon neutral certificate. It is an ecological but also an economic challenge!

A voluntary approach

Today, only companies with more than 500 employees are required to carry out a carbon footprint1. Nexira, which has 250 employees, embarked on a more ambitious process aimed at achieving carbon neutrality in January 2021. This tangible project questions, assesses, and challenges an entire organization. “This project is an opportunity to promote a whole sector. As the world leader in acacia, we have a corporate responsibility. We must look to the future and uphold strong values, ones that make sense and correspond to our activities. Carbon neutrality is certainly an ambitious project but it is ultimately the concrete expression of all the actions we have been taking for a long time. We hope that as many companies as possible will move in this direction”, said Mathieu Dondain.

A commitment initiated in the 1970s

For 50 years, the company has been involved in sustainable development by developing and protecting the origins of its natural raw materials*. Nexira works alongside the NGO SOS SAHEL, to prevent deforestation and contribute to the economic and social development of the populations located in these regions of Africa, for example through the pharaonic project of the great green wall.

An ambitious and strategic transformation process

To meet this ambitious challenge, Nexira is supported by EcoAct, a leading company in environmental and carbon strategies. According to Jean-Baptiste Martin, their interlocutor, “Nexira has set itself an ambitious trajectory in line with the Paris agreements with the same level of requirement and reflection of very large groups.”

According to Simon Levesque, Director of Business Development at Nexira, “To contain global warming, we must reduce our emissions. Agri-food companies will be forced to do so. They are our clients. We now know from the Paris Agreement that manufacturers will sooner or later have to label the environmental value of their product in order to offer consumers a new criterion of choice. We are now able to supply them with the first range of carbon neutral ingredients.”

1 Article L. 229-25 of the Environment Code and Articles R. 229-45 to R. 229-50-1 specify the terms and conditions of the obligation to report greenhouse gas emissions for companies with more than 500 employees every four years.

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