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📽️ Women’s Health: Nexira Unveils New Clinical Study Results

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Nexira has recently conducted a 6-month clinical study on 209 women having current urinary discomforts with characterized impact on quality of life (QoL). Three unique formulas were tested in parallel with the highest PACs standardization and the full active compounds profile of the fruit.

From week 2, Global urinary comfort and Quality of life were significantly improved versus baseline and maintained during 6 months. The global urinary comfort was continuously and significantly improved over the time with no more crisis nor discomfort during 6 months.

Exocyan CRAN 40G was shown to have efficacy in improving the urinary comfort and psychological status of the participants. Additionally, the ingredient also had better results as measured by assessments of quality of life. 93% of consumers would recommend Exocyan 40G to a friend.

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